Terms & Conditions

In requesting the services of
Gypsy Jan, you agree to have read this disclaimer, the contents of which you are willing to be bound by and agree that:

1. You are 18 years of age or older.

2. If after 10 minutes we both feel we are not connecting. I will keep £20 of the reading cost and refund you the rest back into your bank account out of your payment what is left outstanding.

If I need to use your recording as evidence I will do so .

If you made a dispute against me to your bank that’s when I will provide them with all the evidence that I need to

including you recording to NatWest Bank that I have provided you with the service that you have required and had what you have paid for, especially if you have had the full reading with me, You have had your chance to stop the reading before we carry on in the 10 minutes to decide whether the Reading is right for you .

Or if police or legal authorities do have to get involved for any reason I will give them all the information what they need to protect myself if I need any further evidence .   

3. You must not turn up for a  pre booked reading with me under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

4. You must not pre book a reading knowing you are pregnant. If you do and I pick up your pregnant during the reading, the reading will be terminated and I will keep your payment.

5. All information which is provided to you during your reading sessions with Romany Gypsy Jan®️ is purely for entertainment purposes and does not intend to operate as a substitute for any medical, legal, financial or other professional advice of a different nature.

6. Romany Gypsy Jan®️ does not accept any responsibility for any decisions which you take further to a reading. Your decisions are your choices and your choices remain your responsibility.

7. If you choose to hire the services of Romany Gypsy Jan®️ fees must be made payable to her in advance via the appropriate methods advised on the website.  Bank transfer being preferred.

If after a reading you are of the view that the services of Romany Gypsy Jan®️has not met your requirements, you will not be eligible to claim any refunds as this undermines the services of Romany Gypsy Jan®️including her talent, gift and skill.

8. Copyright laws and confidentiality agreement apply throughout. Consequently, all communications, correspondences as well as a CD which is normally provided after the reading, remain between yourself and Romany Gypsy Jan®️and are intended for your private and personal use. Under no circumstances does Romany Gypsy Jan®️authorize such information to be shared, published and distributed in any way.

9. If you are having a phone type reading at your home please be on your own and children in the home at the time must be looked after as not to disturb your reading.

10 . If you forget  your appointment to come and see me I will not refund any money back to you as this will be your own fault .

You must make sure to put your appointment in a diary or on your phone as a reminder so you don’t forget.

11 . If I have to cancel your appointment do to illness please, note I will reschedule your appointment when I am feeling a lot better in myself.

I will make you a priority to get you in with the next a suitable appointment for both of us .


12 . All of my readings are private and confidential your cd or email recording is not to be shared with anyone else just for your own listening .

You will be breaking my terms and conditions if you wish to do so .

You would not like it if I was sharing any private  information about your reading with someone else .

I would expect the same from you .

Doesn’t matter if it’s husband, wife or family or friends.

Please, Don’t share it .

13 . To secure your time and date you must make your payment first by a bank transfer with your name as your reference as proof of payment.

This will secure your appointment, with Gypsy Jan ®️©️🔮

Could you make your payment through my business bank account "GYPSY JAN" only.

Please note, I do not take cash payments.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


Please, make sure when booking your appointment with Gypsy Jan ®️that you do need a reading with me as no refunds or money will be returned back to you for changing your mind.

You will have to book in with another appointment with me so you do not lose your money.

Kind regards. Gypsy Jan ®️🔮