Psychic Reading Prices

30 minutes £45 - Two Readings options, includes Tarot
45 minutes £55 - Three Readings options, includes Tarot

"NEW" 60 minutes £65 - Four Reading options, includes Tarot 

All different reading options are on 'my services' page

 All readings are recorded  on to CD

My Payment Options

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We now accept payment via "WORLDPAY"  for full payment or phone/Skype readings worldwide. Click here for more information or select from the following payment options.


Each Person Having A Reading At My Home In My Private Luxury Reading Room. If  You Could Send Full Payment Via Bank Transfer or Worldpay From My Payment Page, Then Call Me To Arrange A Date, call Me If You Need Help With Payment. Depending On Your Flexability And Spaces Left In My Diary You Could Get In Within The First Week Or Second Week For Your Reading.


.......Thanks, Gypsy Jan x